The Ultimate Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup Tutorial for Beginners

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Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup

Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup is available here. Aigital  WiFi Extender is a gadget which is use for extending the signal strength of the WiFi network. It is done with just three steps-

  1. Recognises and accepts the signal available
  2. Amplifies it
  3. Circulates the amplified signal

In simpler terms, the Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup enhances the strength of your WiFi coverage, ensuring a high-speed internet connection. This enables seamless activities like streaming favorite shows, chatting, playing online games, and more. Installing the extender is a quick process, taking only a couple of minutes. 

For optimal internet speed, it is recommended to install it in a location where the extender operates midway between the router and the dead zone.

Advantages of Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup

The Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup offers a host of advantages, making it a valuable addition to enhance your wireless network:

  • It expands the WiFi coverage to areas that were previously unreachable, including corners of the house or the backyard. 
  • It allows one to connect devices via wired connectivity with its ethernet port e.g desktop, laptop, television, phone, game console, etc.
  • It ensures high-performance speed.
  • Its two powerful antennas provide strong and consistent connectivity that can even penetrate walls.
  • Its sleek and portable design allows it to blend in seamlessly with your decor, and the wall socket allows it to be moved and deployed flexibly.
  • Once it is set up, there is no need of the second configuration, just plug and play.
  • It is ideal for homes and offices.
  • Cost effective and budget-friendly.
  • It avoids buffering while streaming shows online or browsing anything.

How to perform Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup

Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup is a straightforward process that ensures enhanced WiFi coverage in your home.

  • Plug the Aigital  WiFi Repeater into the socket.
  • Connect to the WiFi signal on your phone or computer.
  • Enter IP address 
  • Enter your login password.
  • Scan and select the home/office WiFi.
  • Enter the WiFi password.
  • Set a new WiFi Extender SSID and password, then click “NEXT.”
  • Connect to your WiFi extender; setup is complete.

Aigital WiFi Repeater Wired Setup:

The Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup is available here. For the best performance, simply follow the Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup.

  • For a wired connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect the Aigital  WiFi Extender to the device you want to access the internet directly.
  • Plug the extender into a power source and ensure it is turned on.
  • Once connected, the device should have direct access to the internet via the wired connection to the extender.

Types of Modes in Aigital  WiFi Extender

The Aigital WiFi Extender offers various operational modes, providing flexibility and versatility in meeting different connectivity needs. Here are the types of modes available:

  1. AP Mode: Provides wired connectivity to wireless, recommended for home and workplaces.
  2. Repeater Mode: Strengthens wireless coverage.
  3. Router Mode: Shares one wired WiFi connection among multiple users.
  4. Bridge Mode: Builds two individual networks for users sharing one internet.
  5. Client Mode: Connects to a wired device, acting as a wireless adapter.

Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup: Light indication

  1. The extender has LED signal indicators to locate the area which is best for the placement of the signal.
  2. Iit displays the device’s status. The difference in colour and pulse indicates the device’s performance. 
  3. It is also important to note that the colours of WiFi extenders vary.
  4. Things to remember when working with an Aigital wireless extender:

Your connection speed may decrease if you place your device farther from the extender. Because wireless devices use radio technology, increasing the distance between them reduces connectivity.

  • If there is a mismatch in settings of the extender and router, you will not be connected to your wireless network.
  • You may experience network issues if the firmware of your extender is outdated. Hence, for a proper connection, you need to update the firmware of your device.
  • If you see a problem of password error, then you need to enter your password correctly. You will be connected to your preferred wireless network only when your username and password is correct.
  • Sometimes you may not see the available network. Just check if the WiFi icon on your gadget is active and turn it on; if it is not, then the problem lies in your cable modem.

Steps to reset your Aigital WiFi Repeater

You can reset your Aigital WiFi Repeater or Extender if it does not accept your password.

  1. Plug the extender near your WiFi box into the socket.
  2. Perform a factory reset by holding the reset button with a paperclip or toothpick.
  3. The light on the extender changes.
  4. Wait a couple of minutes and then connect your devices to the WiFi network.

Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup: Firmware Update

Performing a firmware update and factory reset on your Aigital WiFi Repeater ensures optimal performance and resolves potential issues. Follow these steps:

Firmware Update

1. Open a web browser on your connected device.

2. Enter the IP address of the repeater (commonly in the address bar and press “Enter.”

3. Log in to the repeater’s interface using your credentials.

4. Look for the “Firmware Update” or similar option in the settings menu.

5. If a new firmware version is available, follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the update.

6. Allow the update process to complete, and the repeater will reboot with the latest firmware.

Features of Aigital  WiFi Repeater 1200 Mbps

  1. Dual Ethernet Ports: Equipped with two Ethernet ports for seamless connections to wired devices like smart TVs, printers, computers, game consoles, and more.
  2. Four Powerful Antennas: Boasts four robust antennas, providing WiFi coverage extending up to 3000 sqft for a wide-reaching network.
  3. High-Speed Performance: Delivers speeds of up to 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps on the 5GHz band, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity.
  4. Stable Connection: Ensures a stable connection with a 2.4GB signal band and a convenient 300Mbps transmission rate.
  5. Quick Setup: Can be set up effortlessly with a phone or computer in just three minutes, simplifying the installation process.
  6. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all routers and home WiFi devices, offering an extended range and robust passing-wall ability.

This Aigital  WiFi extender streamlines the installation process and significantly enhances the range of your existing WiFi, allowing you to enjoy a reliable and high-speed internet connection throughout your home. Bid farewell to WiFi buffering and experience seamless browsing with ultrafast connectivity.

Q: How do I set up my Aigital WiFi Repeater?

A: Plug the repeater into a power outlet, connect to its WiFi signal, access the setup interface via a web browser using the provided IP address, and follow on-screen instructions.

Q: What modes does the Aigital WiFi Repeater support?

A: The repeater supports modes such as Access Point (AP), Repeater, Router, Bridge, and Client, offering versatile connectivity options.

Q: Can I use the repeater with any router?

A: Yes, the Aigital WiFi Repeater is designed to be compatible with various routers, ensuring flexibility in network configurations.

Q: How can I update the firmware of the Aigital WiFi Repeater?

A: Access the repeater’s settings through a web browser, locate the “Firmware Update” option, and follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest firmware.

Q: What should I do if I experience connection issues after setup?

A: Ensure the repeater is appropriately positioned, check for interference, and consider performing a factory reset. Additionally, verify that the firmware is up to date.

Q: Can I connect wired devices to the Aigital WiFi Repeater?

A: Yes, the repeater typically features Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect wired devices such as computers, smart TVs, or gaming consoles.

Q: What is the range of the Aigital WiFi Repeater?

A: The range can vary, but it is generally designed to extend coverage to areas that may have had weak or no signal, such as corners of the house or the backyard.

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