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Wavlink Extender setup guide to connect the extender to the wireless internet modem or router. With WIFI booster you can amplifies the signal of your existing wireless network and get the steady connectivity to far end devices.

ap setup


Talking about ap.setup web URL, this URL will only work if a user tries to connect to Wavlink, Comfast, Dodocool extenders. So if a user wants to access the Ap extender setup in a normal way then this page will not open. 


Now we can discuss how to login to Ap wifi extender manual setup page:

Wavlink extender login page ap.setup web url is to access the new extender setup page to connect/install the wifi range extender. If you are using the Wavlink wifi range extender and trying to install your extender with your main modem or router.

Follow the below given steps to access the Wavlink wifi range extener: 

Wavlink Range Extender Setup | Manual Method

Let’s just quickly jump into how to install Wavlink extender with manual method:

wavlink extender setup

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Wavlink Extender Setup | WPS Method

Setting up the extender with the wireless protected setup ( W.P.S ) button, its the one of the easiest way to connect the extender to existing wifi network.

Follow the steps below to install the extender:

ComFast Range Extender Setup | Manual Method

Manual Step-By-Step Guide for Comfast wifi Extender:

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Our certified experts are here 24/7 regarding any help on Ap extender setup o. If you need any assitance feel free to get in touch with us.

comfast extender setup

COMFAST Extender Setup | WPS Method

Step by step to connect the extender with w.p.s method:

The main function of the extender is to boost the wifi signals to the far end of your home/office. Not to boost the speed of your existing wifi network. There are various brand extenders you can find in your nearby store i.e Wavlink, Dodocool, Comfast wifi range extenders with their different models. So according to the size of your home or how far you want to use your wifi booster. A user can choose different extender models.  


Setting up Ap wifi range extender with ap.setup web URL or with Ip address is super easy. Installing the extender with the manual option, a user only required a wireless device i.e laptop, tablet, or phone, and a little technical knowledge. If you have trouble accessing or login into the Ap range extender setup page. Not to worry, we have 24/7 certified experts who are one call away regarding any issues related to your wireless booster.

What is https://ap.setup?

Ap.setup is a offline web URL to connect the wireless range extender. To install the WIFI repeater or extender through a web based setup a user needs to go https://ap.setup page to link the extender with the main modem or router.

So let’s discuss how to access the Ap extender setup page:

From the above given instruction now you know what is AP setup web URL and why it is used for.

If you have still have any queries, feel free to get in touch with our experts.