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How to connect Wavlink AC2100 Wifi Extender?

You can increase a wireless network’s coverage area with the help of Wavlink AC2100 Setup. It functions by obtaining the wireless signal from a router, amplifying it, and then re-transmitting it to rooms in the house or place of business where the signal is spotty or nonexistent. In places like basements, attics, and outdoor spaces, users can now have a better and more reliable wifi connection thanks to this. The wireless protocol that the extender utilizes, known as AC2100, is capable of offering both faster speeds and wider coverage than earlier protocols.


You can connect wavlink ac2100 extender with two methods:


1. WPS method

2. Manual Method

Wavlink AC2100 setup

How to connect Wavlink AC2100 Extender using the WPS Button?

Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) is a method for connecting wireless devices to a network without manually entering a password. It uses a push-button or PIN-based method to establish a secure connection between the device and the wireless router. This allows for easy and secure setup of new devices on the network, without the need for a complex password.

Follow these steps for the Wavlink AC2100 Setup  using WPS (wireless protected setup). The simplest method for setting up Wavlink wifi extender and expanding your host network is WPS.

Following are the instructions for setting up a Wavlink AC2100 extender using WPS:

1.Put your Wavlink wifi extender next to the router to get started.

2.Set the Wavlink AC2100 to on.

3.Allow the LED light to stabilize and turn totally green.

4.Both your router and your AC2100 should have WPS turned on.

5.Now a green light starts to blink.

6.To correctly sync with your home wifi router, give your extender a few seconds.

Finally, the Wavlink AC2100 setup with WPS is complete. If you have any questions about your Wavlink extender, please call or chat with us.

Wavlink AC2100 Extender Manual Setup


The process of Wavlink AC2100 Setup using the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button is referred to as the manual setup of the Wavlink AC2100 Extender. Through the device’s web interface, the user manually configures the device by entering the necessary data, such as the network name and password, as well as other settings. The manual setup procedure can also be utilized to troubleshoot and fix any problems that might arise during the device’s initial setup.

Follow these steps to connect the wavlink ac2100 extender: 

1.First, connect the Wavlink AC2100 to an electrical outlet.

2.Connect your favorite smart device, if you have one.

3.Link your device to the WAVLINK-N network.

4.Launch the web browser of your choice.

5.Type in either or wifi.wavlink.com as the address.

6.Next, input the administrator password and default username.

7.Now set up your Wavlink AC2100 extension by following the instructions on the screen.

If you’re facing any problem related to the Wavlink extender setup then contact our professional experts by toll free no. or live chat. They will solve your problem.

How to update Wavlink AC2100 extender Firmware?


A sort of software called firmware governs a device’s fundamental operations and functions when it is embedded in a device, like a router. The Wavlink AC2100 router’s firmware is in charge of controlling network connections, sending data packets in the right direction, and offering security features like firewalls and encryption. The router’s settings and user interfaces, including the web-based administration page, must also be updated and maintained. The performance, security, and compatibility of the router with more recent gadgets can all be enhanced by updating the firmware.


The instructions to update your Wavlink ac2100 most recent firmware are listed below:


1.Activate any web browser.

2.In the address bar, enter wifi.wavlink.com.

3.Type in your standard password.

4.Click Login.

5.The most recent Wavlink AC2100 firmware should then be uploaded.

6.After finishing, click the setup button.

7.Your extender will then be restarted.


You must get in touch with our technical experts if the suggested actions don’t operate as expected. They are delighted to assist you with your issue.


Wavlink AC2100 Factory Reset process


A WAVLINK AC2100 router’s reset feature restores the equipment to its default factory settings. This can be helpful if the router isn’t working properly or if the settings need to be changed back to how they were originally. Find the “Reset” button on the router, which is typically a little button found on the back of the device, and press it to complete a reset. For a short period of time, press and hold the button, then let go. Rebooting the router will bring it back to its factory settings.


1.Connect the extender to an electrical outlet before resetting the Wavlink AC1200.

2.When the extender has electricity, turn on the led light.

3.Look for a toothpick or a paperclip.

4.Additionally, hold down the reset button for ten to fifteen seconds before releasing the pinhole.

5.Wait until the power led light solidifies into a solid green color after it changes to an amber color.

6.The extender has now been successfully reset to the factory setting.

7.Reinstalling the WiFi extender requires following the Wavlink AC1200 setup instructions.


If still you’re getting an issue related to the wavlink AC21000 setup. Then don’t be afraid, contact our technical expats by toll free no. or live chat. They will solve your problem.


Common issue during the Wavlink AC2100 Configuration


1.Not found Wavlink AC2100 Configuration page.

2.There is internet connectivity, but the WiFi extension is not working.

3.The firmware for a wavlink AC2100 Setup  cannot be updated.

4.The default login web address is inaccessible.

5.wavlink N600 extender led light error

6.The configuration CD was lost.

7.The wavlink extender’s setup page is not functioning.

8.The wavlink AC2100 has no light errors.

9.It was impossible to locate the wavlink extender’s default IP address.

10.My wavlink extender’s password has slipped my mind.

11.Resetting the wavlink AC2100 is impossible.

12.The extension does not function.

13.connectivity issues with the internet.

14.Attempts to configure the wavlink AC2100 extender failed.


Troubleshooting steps


Here are some methods for troubleshooting your Wavlink AC2100 Setup:


1.Check all of the electrical connections first.

2.Join your device to a faster internet connection.

3.Verify that you entered the URL correctly.

4.Use the most recent web browser version.

5.Perform wavlink firmware update.

6.Check that you have a reliable internet connection.

7.Type a trustworthy username and password.

8.Keep your wavlink AC2100 away from things like microwaves, metal items, and Bluetooth devices.


If still you’re getting an issue related to the wavlink AC21000 setup. Then don’t be afraid, contact our technical expats by toll free no. or live chat. They will solve your problem.